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 Russia's war against Ukraine
17:18:33, 14.01.23

Today in Dnipro, as a result of a terrorist attack carried out by the Russian army in the apartment building, 5 people were killed, 21 people were injured, including 3 children, 20 people were saved, including 3 children. The search for the dead and injured will continue until the morning.

22:15:04, 17.01.23

According to the latest data, 45 people were killed due to a missile attack on a building in Dnipro, including six children.

14:32:10, 18.01.23

In the light of recent events, I want to remind the Russians of the words of the Soviet prosecutors at the Nuremberg trials:

"All Germans are to blame for the crimes of Germany, on a level with the leadership of the country - because it was they who chose and did not stop their government when it committed a crime against humanity"

Now, compare it to what russia is doing. How ironic.