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 another player ruined
07:00:17, 06.07.23


some time ago I had said here there is an annoying bug which hit a single player who get injured continuously. now I have another...of course in both cases we're talking about future champions...and so this is the second player ruined by the game :(

can't this be fixed?
also, why don't you at least leave 50% of normal training? the player would be ruined the same but not as much as now

19:39:52, 25.07.23

I have also received information from managers that there are some players who gets traumatised more often than normally. Problem are - these injuries last from 6-9 days each. Can at least amount of days per injury be checked in algorithm and solved if there are some issues. Thanks.

15:00:44, 26.07.23

anecdotally i've found it happens more often right after i assign the injury jersey ironically.

14:33:33, 06.08.23

One improvement could be that young players still get a procentage of daily training but can`t play games.

17:39:39, 13.08.23

This is hockey. If it's the playoffs let injured players play but have their effectiveness be lower. If regular season let them still train self control at least.

14:09:07, 20.08.23

Just to put in my 2 cents...

I was feeling the same about the same player(s) always getting injured.

So, I went into the statistics page to see what I'd see...maybe it's just my team, but the players who play the most, get injured the most...according to the stats.

ie. my top line guys have the most injury days as opposed to the career 3rd-4th liners who see a lot less minutes.

Anyway, penny for your thoughts, a nickle for your nightmares...