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 HockeyArena Revamped - browser extension
16:58:07, 10.02.24

Hello all!
Hope you're all crushing it on the ice. 🏒

I've been working on a new HA browser extension for a while now and I need your help to put it through its paces.

In summary, the extension adds a few handy features. A new menu, full season calendar, market search templates, attribute trends, more data in tables, charts, cheatsheet panel, multiple themes (light, dark or generated by AI), improved line-up, player profile or youth school pages.

Full description with the list of features and some screenshots can be found here:

The extension is currently in private beta, therefore the web store links will not work yet.

Here's the deal: I'm on the lookout for a handful of you awesome managers to be my beta testers. If you live and breathe HockeyArena, know your way around browser extensions, and have a bit of time to spare, you're the MVP I'm looking for.

What I need from you:

- Test out the extension on different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Kiwi on mobile).
- Try it out with your account setup. I’m mainly looking for managers without the Sponsor package or U23 teams, but others are welcome too.
- Bonus points if you're managing a national team!

Send me a message or drop a comment below if you're in, and let me know your browser-game combo. Once we iron out the kinks, the official release will follow.

Quick backstory: this extension started as a little side project, grew into something bigger than I've anticipated, and now I want to share this with you before the upcoming redesign will make it obsolete. 😅


18:00:11, 10.02.24

I'd love to help you beta test! I have put quite a bit of time into this game and am familiar with a variety of extensions and other techky, tinkering things.

I can use any mobile browser you want but I unfortunately do have sponsor pack and am without a national team.

The feature list looks impressive and I would die for some advanced tools to use for this game. Hope I can help!

10:00:35, 11.02.24


I don't have package and I use mobile to play. If you want I'm in. :) I can test it also on PC, no problem.

01:55:32, 02.03.24

Not yet?

04:51:17, 03.03.24

Firefox isn't supported at the moment, but I plan to add support if there's enough demand for it.

04:10:03, 18.03.24

Looking for a manager without a Sponsor Package 🙂

Hey everyone,

I'm almost finished fixing the bugs found in beta and I'm currently on the lookout for a manager who wouldn't mind sharing their account access with me as an assistant. I need a manager who doesn't currently have an active Sponsor Package.
If you'd like to participate and help me out, please let me know via PM.

Thank you!

Herbert Knox
13:12:49, 21.03.24

looking forward to see this the chrome store :-)

22:03:17, 04.04.24

Wow, this is amazing. Well done.
Hope to be able to use it soon.

11:27:10, 17.04.24

Hello all,

I'd like to announce that the extension has been released 🚀 to public and should be available for all. 🥳

Install from here:

Google Chrome

Edge Add-ons

For Android devices there is Kiwi browser, for which you can install the extension from Google Web Store.