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 National Requirements
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17:26:08, 18.07.17

Requirements for Finnish NT Training Season (Season 70)

Age 17-28
Overall ~ 85%
Potential MAX / MAX-1

Goalie: Every good goalie with high potential and experience want to check too.

If your player match with these profiles please send HA-mail Tumeez

20:47:36, 18.07.17

Belgium NT


I am coach of the Belgian NT and I am looking for all good players at the age 16-33 due to create a database.

Please send me all the details of players, except the loyalty and weak spot of the goalkeepers. Confidentiality is guaranteed...

Thank you


22:43:21, 17.09.17

Brazil U20

if you think you have player(s) fit for U20 send me mail with full details of the player and ice-time he has.

Currently all positions are needed, 19yo(18 in rare case if really advanced),high(80+) quality

10:03:18, 26.09.17


I am looking for some 19 yo mexicans. Centers and defenders. Please contact me.

Thank you.


09:22:29, 29.09.17

Hello, its again me :)

Im looking for 17 yo Mexicans goalies !!! contact me :)))

The post has been deleted

The post has been deleted

The post has been deleted

21:53:29, 13.12.17

Switzerland NT

Age : 17-28
Overall : 85% and more..
Potential : MAX -2 and more..

If you have Players who match please contact me


16:29:05, 06.02.18

Goalie 0 (0%) Speed 0 (0%)
Defense 0 (0%) Strength 43 (0%)
Offense 17 (0%) Self-control 1 (55%)
Shooting 0 (0%) Form 50 (0)
Passing 0 (0%) Experience 12 (0%

21:53:32, 12.02.18

Hi all,
i am looking for some goalkeepers in age 17 or 19... i prefer 17 years old players .. if you have some please don't hesitate to write me message. i am also looking for some defensmen and attackers, or maybe some potentials buyers for some players

please send me info about your players

Thanks for all your answers


22:07:59, 29.05.18

Switzerland NT

If you have any Players who should be in Nationalteam of Switzerland please send me a mail with full details of the Player

Thank you da-lebowski

20:40:05, 24.06.18

Hi all,
U20 Peru needs your help :) we are looking for defenders - 17yo ( Q 90+, very good ice time ) and 19yo with good strenght.. if you have some pls let me know, thank you so much .

10:01:38, 22.09.18


Defender: Def 180+x STR 180+x
Wing: Att 150+x, Shoot 190+x, Speed 50+x
Center: Att 100+x, Pass 100+x,STR 80+x also shooting 100+x would be nice to have but not repuired
All Players should have selfcontrol 30+x
Talented young players (24+) on the way to above-named skilltargets also welcomed

14:13:08, 09.01.19


20:13:18, 07.02.19

The Netherlands national team

Is looking for centers.

21+ yo

Dont hesitate to send me a message with all the players info.

The post has been deleted

21:22:41, 09.03.21

Japan U-20
I just want to say I´m sorry for all managers who have 19 yrs olds U-20 players to be , in Japan U-20
The former coach 6cvoki9 of U-20 said good bye last season to kick all players from team U-20 just to hire them again just before the update to this season.
The rule said that I can not replace the 20 yrs old players with new 19 yrs blood until 2 veeks later , so we have to play with 20 yrs olds for atleast one more training-game on saturday 13. I hope we can play the team the saturday after that.
So , we start a little behind this season.
So thank you again 6cvoki9 for the help that you create.
best regards swedenleaf new U-20 coach of Japan

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