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Sponsor pack
Sponsor pack is a set of several features for managers that like Hockey Arena and spend a lot of time with the game. You become a sponsor of Hockey Arena and you gain access to features, that make the game more fun and interesting to play. Every sponsor is indicated by a puck icon .

You are also helping us to develop and improve Hockey Arena further.

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Team logo
If you want to present your team with a nice logo, its possible to upload an image, which will be displayed every time a manager looks at your team. You can change the logo anytime.
Maximum size of a logo is 51200 bytes, width 400 pixels, height 200 pixels.

Everyday a random team logo is displayed on the main page as a logo of the day!

Automatic market bids
In case you are interested in a player on the market whose deadline will expire during your 'offline time', you can turn on the option 'Automatic bid'. This feature will automatically send offers for you up to the maximum amount you choose. One manager can enter maximum one automatic bid at a time!

Automatic friendly match scheduler
You can make the request for a friendly match by clicking on this icon on the Calendar page. If a corresponding request from another team is found, the match is scheduled immediately. Otherwise the request is recorded in the database and the match will be scheduled as soon as a corresponding request from another team is found. Pending request can be viewed and deleted by clicking on this icon . Maximum requests from one team is 20.

As a sponsor you can set up an automatic e-mail reminder about a player's deadline on the market. To use this feature sponsors should use the link in the window of a player who is on the market.

Team's web page
You can enter a web address of your team. This link is displayed on your team's page to everyone.

Press news
If you want to inform your fans or opponents about the lastest events in your team, or your future plans, press news is the best way to do it. Press news are displayed on your team's detail page and also on the league standigs page.
You can create, edit or delete the news.

You can track players of your choice and see their team, league and other data. All this information is available on one page - Players, Tracking.

You can write down a short note for each player (maximum 500 characters). You can make or change the note clicking on the 'Note' link on player's detail page. One manager can have maximum 100 notes at a time.

Email notification service
Its possible to setup email notification in case of these events :
- match results
- challenge for a friendly
- new mail message

Enhanced discussions
Better and more transparent discussions - it allows to create a list of favourite discussions. The number of new posts is automatically logged in favourite discussions. Its possible to simply display only new messages, without thinking about which topics and posts are new.

The setup can be made on the page "Manager", "Sponsor".

Other benefits
  • It's possible to filter all players on the market according AI.
  • On the Players, Players screen as a sponsor you easily sort the player's table based on each column and also you can access a special statistics screen of your players here.
  • Your nick is indicated by red on Manager, Top page. If you are not in the top 100, your total position is displayed in the bottom of the page.
  • In the opponent's players list, the players who are on the market are highlighted by the blue color.
  • Inreased maximum characters of a mail message (2000)
  • Inreased maximum number of mail messages per day (30)

    Trophies and history
    Trophies and history of a managers is available only on the manager details page of a sponsor.
    A trophy is awarded for some achievements in league and tournaments.
    This trophies are awarded to the first place team after the regular season of the league :

    This trophies are awarded to the playoff champion of the league :

    This trophy will be awarded to best season's manager :

    Winner of the World League :

    Winner of the National Champions Cup :

    Winner of the National Cup :

    World Championship Medals :