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The way of setting formations and substitutes
It's possible to create and set up the lines in Lines window. Goalie set-up in the Lines subwindow, in the upper part of the screen, in the subsection Goalies - after clicking on Add button you will choose from the list of all players those players who you are planning to place on a goalie position. Then you will mark this player by the G letter. Then you will click on Create button and all goalies will be added into your line-up. Now you need to select priority. According this the goalies will be seeded into the match as the first or second goalie. You will set this up by changing of the number next to the goalie in Prio column and confirm that by the Change button. The player who has the highest number he will be considered as a first goalie and vice-versa. The other players with even lower priority number will play in the match only in the case that some of the players with higher priority number is injured. Example: you have three goalies with priorities set to 3,2 and 1. The match will play the goalie with priority 3 and second nominated will be the goalie with priority 2. In the case of injury of player with priority 3, the player with priority 2 will be automaticaly set as starting goalie in the match and the one with priority 1 will be the backup goalie.

Then it’s necessary to set up your lines. In the Lines subwindow, there is a special place where you can check, change and create your lines. After clicking on Add button the list of all players will be displayed. It's necessary to choose all 5 players into each line from this list. It's necessary to choose center (C), right and left winger (RW, LW) and right and left defender (RD, LD). Now you need to click on Create button and the next window will appear. Here you can name your line and change it's priority. Click on Next button and you will see this line in the list. This way you will choose all lines - you can create at the most 26. Then you need to set the priority up as you did to your goalies. Although you can create 26 lines, up to four will play in the match (with highest priority).

Lines and goalies. You can switch them on and off by checking the boxes. Player (line) who is switched off, or player (line) who can't be used in the match is highlighted by gray color. Every change in lines or goalies you need to confirm by the Change button.

Next setting refers to substitutes. This change is made in Lines menu, Substitutes submenu. It's possible to choose center, winger or defender substitute. New substitute will be added after clicking on Add button in relevant subwindow. By similar way as you chose your goalie it's possible to choose up to 12 of substitutes for all positions at the most. Then all will be displayed in the list of substitutes. You have to set thier the priority level again. The substitute with the highest priority level will be first to substitute an injured player. How is the substitutes system working? Very simple. If someone falls out from the formation and can't play (e.g. injury or national team duty) the substitute with the highest priority moves into his place and automatically plays in this line.
When a player is injured in the match, he will finish up the match and in will not be substituted in its duration, only in the next match. The substitute player will play in the next match in which theinjured player cannot play at.

Powerplay and penalty killing lines (PP lines/PK lines):
On the PP/PK lines creation form, the list of players shows a player's line-up position indicated with small letters followed by his line's priority. This makes it easier to select the player from the current roster.
Up to 2 PP lines and 2 PK lines will be used in the match - even if the manager has created more lines. In case no usable PP/PK lines were created standard lines will be used automatically.
Each player in a PP or PK line should be in the starting line-up. If a player not on the starting lineup will be used, then the PP and PK will not be valid for the match and will not be used. This also applies to injured players and their substitutes. Injured player replaced by substitute in the standard line will be replaced by the very same substitute in PP/PK line as well. PP/PK lines will be changed every 30 seconds during the match.

Current line-up
On the Current line-up page you see a line-up as it will be used in next match. Substitutes are marked as SUB after their names. In case of incomplete formation and substitutes setup, the automatic randomly assigned line-up will be displayed.

At least 3 formations and 1 goalie have to be set for the match, otherwise the system will generate automatic random lineup.

Lines, tactics, chemistry
Tactical specialization of lines
The coach has an option to choose a tactical specialization for each line. The effectiveness of each of these tactical possibilities will depend upon your players' skills in the required attributes for individual player positions. The requirements for every tactical specialization can be found on the page 'Lines'. You can find the information about the specialization of every player in his profile (player's detailed page and link 'Profile') and also on the line creating page and when you replace a player in a line.

The players' tactical profiles (the 'Profile' link on player's detailed page) will be used ONLY to calculate the maximum chemistry of their line based on the chosen tactics. The actual chemistry of a line is then limited to it's maximum chemistry and increases slowly after every game the line played in - see the chemistry detailed info below.

For each line tactical option there is a counter tactics, which will be extra effective againts it. The tactics against which the specific tactics is extre effective is listed in the 'LINE'S TACTICS' table in the 'Effective against' column. You will find the table on every page where it is possible to change the tactics of a line. For example the 'Short passes' tactics is extra effective against the 'Behind the net'.
How exactly do the counter-tactics work? Their effect is defensive: they help prevent the opponent's players from performing their own 'special tactical' offensive actions.

Line chemistry
Players, who play together often will gradually, step by step, develop 'chemistry'.

How does the chemistry of a line help in the game? Simple; every time the line conducts an offensive action, the chemistry increases the odds that this action will be a 'special tactical' action. During a 'special tactical' action the players still use their normal attributes but with an increased chance of scoring.

The maximum chemistry depends always on the current line tactics and on the tactical performance of the players on their positions (Tactical profiles).
Don't worry, your chemistry won't drop when you change the line tactics - only the maximum chemistry is changed and the current chemistry will decrease slowly in time, if the current chemistry is higher than the maximum chemistry.

The game system will 'remember' the chemistry of a line, that no longer exists, for example because a player has been replaced or the line has been deleted. This system will restore this remembered chemistry automatically. The stored chemistry of non-existing lines will of course decrease fast over time!

Other settings:
Line aggressiveness - aggressiveness used by players with good strength and self control attributes can positively affect a line's dominance on the ice. Be careful though, because a player with low self control might get called on a lot of penalties.

Con - Lenght of contract (days)
Qua - Quality
Pot - Potential
Goa - Goalie skill
Def - Defense skill
Att - Attacking skill
Sho - Shooting skill
Spe - Speed skill
Str - Strength skill
For - Form
EXP - Experience
PIM - Penalties in minutes
Nat - Nationality
Lin - Number of lines that the player is a member of
Act - Active/inactive line (player)
Prio - Priority
Chem - Line chemistry
Max - Maximum possible line's chemistry for the chosen tactics
Aggr - Line aggressiveness