25.10.2019 - Version 5.23

Players with 0% potential can now keep the same potential (0%) for next few HA years, but it can happen for the last time when the player reaches the age 34. It can happen several times in succession for the same player.

Replace the player in all lines – is a new sponsor pack feature of the line editor page. There is a whole new feature available in the line detail/editor – automatic replacement of the player in every line he’s a member of. This feature will make it easier for example when a player has left your team and you need to replace him in several lines. You can turn this on by checking the box “Replace in all lines”, after that the system will display the list of all the player’s current lines.

In the line detail/editor – you can select which lineup version is being highlighted with bold text.

The youths will degrade their teams’ draft position for the next 280 days after their promotion to senior squad – an increase from 210 in the previous version. Note, this only applies to youths with draft rating higher than zero. Draft ratings of youths based on their quality and potential can be found here.

When you scout a game you won’t be able see how any of the teams aimed their shots in this game, unless one of the participating teams in that game is your own.


Taken Wereld