26.03.2017 - Version 5.11

Maximum number of youths per week from 100% YS has been increased to 10. These are the new levels and respective youths numbers:
Level 1% ... 1 players/week
Level 20% ... 2 players/week
Level 30% ... 3 players/week
Level 40% ... 4 players/week
Level 50% ... 5 players/week
Level 60% ... 6 players/week
Level 70% ... 7 players/week
Level 80% ... 8 players/week
Level 90% ... 9 players/week
Level 100% ... 10 players/week

Player from YS (not drafted) will have initial experience similar to his drafted friend.

Some information how the primary skill (talent) and secondary skills are generated in a newly born player. Every player will start with one primary skill (talent) and one or two secondary skills, in rare cases only the primary skill:

goalie / speed, passing, selfcontrol

offense centers / strength, passing, selfcontrol
offense wingers / shooting, speed, passing

defense / passing, strength, selfcontrol

shooting / offense, speed, selfcontrol

speed field players / selfcontrol, offense, shooting
speed goaltenders / goalie, selfcontrol, passing

strength forwards / offense, passing, selfcontrol
strength defensemen / defense, selfcontrol, passing

passing forwards / offense, strength, shooting
passing defensemen / defense, strength, selfcontrol

selfcontrol forwards / offense, passing, strength
selfcontrol defensemen / defense, passing, strength

Minimum draft value of a player is 11%, all lower values automatically amount to 0%.

It will be impossible to scout a game from A team where one of the opponents is any team from the B team's league and vice versa.


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