26.01.2011 - New game version!

Today we've launched a new 'minor' version of Hockey Arena 3.9.2, with a bunch of bug corrections and these new features:

  • There is a new option how to keep your players with lower loyalty in your team. Once in every 40 weeks the manager will be able to choose one franchise player. Such a player won't be automatically put to the UFA market, but you won't be able to fire or sell him. You can find this option by clicking on the small icon next to player's loyalty on his detail page. After clicking on the icon, you will also find some more information about this new feature.
  • The games calculation has been improved, specifically the training players receive during the games. The point is for the manager to have better control of the training from the games, so that players will now focus on their highest skill from the predefined training schedule and thus will get more training of that specific skill from the games.
  • The income from team's sponsors per one member of the fanclub has been increased to 7000 (from 6000).
  • The ticket price for the friendly games has been increased roughly by 20%.

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