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Players market
There are these types of players on the market :

Restricted free agents - are players without contracts. Teams offer to these players a signing bonus (which player will get after contract signing) and player will be obtained by the team which offers the highest sum. Free players sign contracts for 1 season (70 days). Restricted players are all players younger than 27 years.

Players for sale - players have a signed contract, but their current team wants to sell them. Buying teams are bidding amounts which will go to the selling team after completion of the sale. Player will have the same contract with his new team as he had with his former team (salary + contract lenght).
You can sell a player in his details window. You enter minimum selling price and number of days for the player to stay on the market. Minimum price you can sell player for is 10.000, minimum time on the market is 2 days and maximum 6 days. Closing time of a player's stay on the market is calculated according number of set up days, it is days times 24 hours from actual HM time.
When searching on the market, team can not see its own players for sale. These can be viewed in window "Market".

Unrestricted free agents - players who are 27 years old and older with 6 days till contract termination will show up on the market as unrestricted free agent. During the first day on the market, all teams can offer contracts to the player. Player's current team can then has a chance to match the highest offer until the current player's contract expires.
Unrestricted free agent sign contracts for 1, 2, or 3 seasons (based on loyalty).

Main differences of an unrestricted free agent :
  • you can't sell him, until he is in your team for at least 10 weeks and you can sell him only in case there are more than 14 days till termination of the contract.
  • detailed information about the specific unrestricted free agent and his various options are located on player's detailed page under the 'Cotract' link. You can find the compensation money amount here - new owner of the player will have to pay you the compensation if your player decides to sign a contract with another team. The compensation money is calculated automatically according to the attributes of the player. Also an information about player's loyalty and what contract options will be available is located here along with player's satisfaction information.

    Automatic unrestricted free agents contract renewal system:
    In case of longer manager's absence or impossibility of taking care of the team you should use the automatic bids to own unrestricted free agents. This feature is turned off for all players by default and you can turn it on on the player's 'Contract' page.
    The automatic system uses the less cash consuming type of contract available!
    All other limits (based on team's actual cash and player's loyalty) apply in the automatic system too.

    Every team has a limit for bids on unrestricted free agents from other teams and its 10-100% of disposable team's cash. This percentage increases with team owners' trust.

    Players on the market can be filtered out based on market categories and other criteria - nationality, maximum and minimum attributes, maximum and minimum price.
    In case you display "All" players, different categories are indicated by text color - free is black, for sale is blue and unrestricted free agent is red.

    Searching for the current offer on players market is in the window Market.

    List of latest bids
    Page with a list of all bids on players in the last 7 days. Only the highest bid on a player is displayed.