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18.03.2023 - Further changes and info - jerseys

The jersey market was deliberately created in a way to make speculation and cheating as difficult as possible, i.e. moving funds between 2 teams through the jersey market, for that reason it is also not possible to simply find your listed jersey in the list on the market, when placing the jersey on the market, the deadline is randomized and above all the selling price is determined by the system, only partially influenced by the purchase price and only in long-term. The same will also apply to other types of goods that we are preparing for this market, such as sponsors, gift items, scouts, dunces. Thank you for understanding.

On the market with jerseys, we have added the link "Donation conditions" for each specific jersey, the conditions of donating that specific jersey will be displayed.

New jersey - Legends 2023
The jersey can be won by 1 player per week in each MAIN league and 0 players in the U23 leagues. Teams who already own this jersey cannot win it again during this event.

Conditions: Captain or assistant captain, league games 18 and over, age 20 and over
Players will be randomly selected each Saturday from the league's top 30 players - based on highest ice time.

Activation bonus: increase of passing by 10 points
When deactivating: corresponding passing reduction

Duration: 17.3.2023 - 9.4.2023



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