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29.11.2023 - Version 5.991

Youth School can now be built up to level 250.
Advantages of YS over 100:
A slightly higher number of juniors per week.
Greater proportion of juniors with high quality.
Bonus to the initial AI of promoted players.
Higher costs.

We have slightly reduced the research cost and duration of training and regeneration research, level 101 and above.

The team spirit will now also be displayed as a % value, along with the verbal expression, and later the verbal will disappear completely. The possible range of the new display value is 0% to 100%.
The actual numerical team spirit levels that enter the calculation did not change at all, only the way they are displayed.

In the news of the team, a new quick overview of the current league and the next game has been added, as well as the possibility of scouting the mood of the opponent's team. But only to the new layout from version 5.x. The old "original" appearance will not be updated from this moment on and will disappear completely from version 6.0. You can change the appearance in the Manager, Settings menu.

The market can now be filtered by Overall, it will only be possible for players who will go to the market from this moment and later.

By clicking on the spirit icon next to the team, in the menu Team, News, the current Team Spirit of the opponent can be scouted from now on, for a cost of 1 survey/attempt. The value will be displayed for 8 hours or until the next game update.

When researching the team's facilities, the system only offers research of a level exactly 5 higher than the current one.


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